The best of
both worlds

Watch-Site and Steltman Watches have been working together for years and share a passion for beauty, attention to quality and true craftsmanship. The long-standing partnership has been ratified since 2023 under the name 'Watch-Site', the store and online platform with exclusive pre-owned watches from top brands.

Michael Bosman:

"In the watch industry, we really complement each other. Together, we share the unprecedented passion for watches with a story. That is why we have chosen to join forces even more, with the online platform acting as an international business card and the physical store at Plaats 16-2 in The Hague as the place to explore the world of pre-owned watches. A place where we personally inspire and guide people through the purchase of a watch."

Andrew Brom:

"My preference lies with watches and I love to select the most exclusive models or to look for that one specific Movement. All over the world, we have enthusiasts of our watch collection. Steltman's rich history, famous brands and international clientele is what makes our story so special."

Our high-quality pre-owned collection includes brands such as Audemars Piguet, IWC, Patek Phillipe and Rolex. These pre-owned watches are more than luxury and quality. They tell a story. You choose a pre-owned watch consciously.

Want to know more, admire the collection in our store or ask a question? We look forward to hearing from you.