A watch is more than the time. It is a personal story. Through passion and dedication we provide the right match. We are Steltman Watches and Michael Bosman. The people behind your watch.

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Our store will be closed from December 31, 2022 through January 5, 2023.
For sales and information, we can be reached at:

WhatsApp: +31657284041
Instagram: @watchsite

People behind your watch

Steltman and Watch-Site have combined their passion on, the online platform with exclusive watches of top brands. The unique cooperation between Andrew Brom of Steltman Watches and Michael Bosman of Watch-Site makes this the new online platform where lovers from all over the world can find pre-owned and vintage watches.

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Besides the physical store in The Hague and this online boutique, Watch-Site can also be found on Instagram. Watch, like and follow @watchsite. Click on the button below and stay up to date with the latest brands and models.


New watches appear regularly. If you are already interested in one, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


The collection consists of several brands. All of our watches are available immediately. View the collection and let me know what you are interested in.


Since 2008, we have been working with passion and dedication. This has led to many personal relationships with customers and the contribution to their collections. In the archive, a look back at some highlights.

Quality, aesthetics and historical value

Steltman Watches and Watch-Site have been working together for years and share the passion for beauty, excellent quality and true craftsmanship. To be of even better service, we are combining our knowledge and experience in the field of excellent pre-owned watches under the brand Watch-Site.

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